Access Data using ScienceBase Web Feature Services (WFS)

ScienceBase Web Feature Services (WFS) can be used to access spatial data in client-side GIS software or online GIS software. Unlike a Web Mapping Service (WMS), which delivers a server-generated static picture of the data, a WFS delivers the original data (including coordinates and attributes).

Consuming a ScienceBase WFS using ArcMap

1. In the "Spatial Services" section of a ScienceBase item, copy the WFS URL (e.g.,

Using WFS step 1

2. Open ArcCatalog. In the ArcCatalog tree menu, expand "Interoperability Connections" (you may need to install this feature). Select "Add Interoperability Extension".

3. Select the "..." button to the right of the "Format" box.

Adding WFS steps 2 and 3

Step 4. In the "Interoperability Connection" window, in "Dataset" box, paste in the ScienceBase WFS URL.

Step 5. Select the "Parameters" button to display the "WFS Parameters" pop up window.

Adding WFS steps 4 and 5

Step 6. Select the "..." button to right of the "Feature Types" (it may be labeled "Table List") box in the "Constraints" section.

Step 7. In the "Select Feature Types" (or "Table List") window, select the desired layers (ScienceBase may generate a footprint or bounding box layer in addition to other data layers included in the WFS).

Adding WFS steps 6 and 7

Select "OK" in all three windows.

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