Can non-USGS users create ScienceBase accounts?

Data authorship in ScienceBase is reserved for USGS employees and individuals or groups working in partnership with the USGS. 

Department of Interior employees can log in to ScienceBase with their Active Directory credentials. Users outside the Department of Interior must be sponsored by a USGS employee for access to ScienceBase. Here are instructions on how to sign up for a ScienceBase account:

Screenshot of the "Sign Up" button under Identity Management on

  • Enter an email address and a CAPTCHA.  

  • You will then receive a registration email with a link to follow to enter your email address, first and last name, and the email of your USGS sponsor.  

  • Once you submit the registration, an email will be sent to the sponsor to verify registration.  

  • After the sponsor verifies the registration, you will receive an email from myUSGS with a username and password.  

  • Once you have access to ScienceBase, you may still need to request access to a permission-controlled community space or data product.  

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