Create new records by parsing EndNote or MODS XML files

Citation libraries stored in EndNote or MODS XML files may be imported into ScienceBase. The XML files are parsed, creating separate citation metadata records in ScienceBase. EndNote XML files may be generated using the EndNote bibliographic software or produced by other citation management systems, such as Mendeley. Mendeley is an on-line citation management tool that allows users to build citation libraries, which may be saved and exported as files in various formats, including EndNote. Zotero is a similar online system that allows export of MODS XML files. A harvesting mechanism for parsing EndNote and MODS XML files has been created for ScienceBase ingestion because users expressed the need to catalog project and personal libraries in ScienceBase to associate with other cataloged information items and share with project communities.

Upload EndNote or MODS XML files for parsing into separate citation records in ScienceBase


  • Log in to ScienceBase
  • Create a new item or select an existing item to serve as the parent to the citation library
  • Attach the EndNote or MODS XML file to the parent item (using the Files tab in the metadata entry form)
  • Contact to request file processing, please include the parent id (URL) to which the XML file is attached

USGS National Research Program Example

The USGS National Research Program (NRP) used Mendeley to produce an extensive citation library for their research. In Mendeley, the citations were organized by NRP project and EndNote XML files listing citations were exported from Mendeley for the separate projects. These XML files were attached to the ScienceBase project items with which the citations were affiliated. Individual cataloged NRP project records serve as parents under which the project citations are cataloged in ScienceBase. The Biogeochemistry at Regional Scales Project serves as a parent to 36 cataloged citations produced by the project. The XML file documenting the 36 citations was attached to the Project record and parsed into the separate citation records in ScienceBase. The original EndNote XML file remains attached to the project item for future reference or modification.

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