How do I add items to a ScienceBase community?

To add items to a community, a user must be logged in and have write privileges to the community. This FAQ contains brief instructions. For detailed instructions and additional information, please see the ScienceBase Items page in the ScienceBase online guidance documentation. 

Add Items Using ScienceBase Edit Form

To add new items to a community, click Add Item in the title bar. Click Import File (to upload and describe a dataset stored on your local system) or Create New Record (to supply metadata for an information item, such as a URL for a website). 

After uploading a file, a community folder or personal space must be selected to store the new item (the default destination for a new item is the folder that was active when "Add Item" was selected; this default designation may be changed). Two metadata fields are required to create a ScienceBase item: 1) title, and 2) destination, which may be a community or personal space. Metadata fields available in the other tabs of the metadata form are optional, but strongly encouraged to produce robust and reliable records. Other files may be uploaded to the new item via the Files tab. The Extensions tab allows addition of specific information for the new item. Extensions, indicating extensible metadata, allow further description of specific items. For example, the project extensions allows specification of project status, active dates, etc.

Add Existing ScienceBase items to a community

Existing ScienceBase items may be added to a community by creating a shortcut link. In the Manage drop down menu located in top right corner, select Add Shortcut to... and indicate A community or My Items (personal space).

Add Items Using RESTful Web Services

A REST Client (such as Firefox client: chrome://restclient/content/restclient.html) may be used to send requests to and receive output from ScienceBase. JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is the most supported data exchange format for interacting with ScienceBase, and a JSON Validator (such as: for verifying code prior to submission, is recommended. Writing metadata to ScienceBase using the API requires knowledge of the ScienceBase data model - the construction and availability of information fields. Learn more about adding items to ScienceBase using REST protocols.


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