How do I create a Saved Search for my Community?

A saved search allows aggregation of records for quick access and may be cited by a URL for use in websites and e-mails. Saved searches enable users to quickly find frequently searched items or any subset of items within a community. Saved searches can be accessed by all community members through the Collections drop-down menu in the community title bar.  For example, the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative community has created four saved searches: 

Authorized users with write access to their community can create a saved search. To create a saved search:

  1. Conduct a search for the items you would like to include in the new saved search designation. For example, to create a saved search for records containing the terms "sage grouse" and "Wyoming", enter the terms in the search field and click Search to display results. The URL for this search will be displayed in the browser address bar. Copy and save this URL. A saved search can be created with any URL used to filter records in ScienceBase. 
  2. Navigate to the desired community, click the Manage drop down menu and select Edit
  3. Select the Extensions tab. In the Community Extension edit form, select Add Saved Search
  4. In the ShortName field, enter a name for display in the saved search URL.
  5. In the Title field, enter a name for display in the Collections drop-down menu.
  6. The description entered into the Description field will be displayed upon mouse hover over the title in the Collections drop down menu.
  7. Paste the search URL from step 1 into the edit form. 
  8. Click Save to save your edits and to create the saved search.

Site Team