How do I get a ScienceBase account and become a member of a community?

Users do not need a ScienceBase account if they want to search for publicly available items.  

If users would like to contribute content to a ScienceBase community or have access to permission-controlled scientific data products, they must contact the community manager to request access.  

DOI employees:  

  • Community managers may grant access to DOI employees (and non-DOI employees who have previously used ScienceBase or myUSGS systems) to their communities.  
  • If a DOI employee has never used ScienceBase or other myUSGS systems, they must log into ScienceBase first before the community manager can grant them permission to their community.   
  • To login, the username is your full DOI email address and the password is your Active Directory password.

Non-DOI users:  

  • Non-DOI users MUST be sponsored by a USGS employee for access to ScienceBase. 
  • To sign up for access to ScienceBase, go to MyUSGS, and in the Identity Management section click "Sign Up".

Screenshot of the "Sign Up" button under Identity Management on

  • The user will be prompted to enter an email address and a CAPTCHA.  
  • The user will then receive a registration email with a link to follow to enter their email address, first and last name, and the email of their USGS sponsor.  
  • Once the user submits the registration, an email will be sent to the sponsor to verify registration.  
  • After the sponsor verifies the registration, the user will receive an email from myUSGS with their username and password.  
  • Once the user has access to ScienceBase, they may still need to contact the community manager to receive access to the desired community space or permission-controlled scientific data products.  

For information about creating content, managing permissions, and creating shortcuts in ScienceBase, please see the ScienceBase Items help section.

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