Which file types may be uploaded to ScienceBase?

Almost any file type may be uploaded to ScienceBase (Microsoft Office file types, PDF, JPG, GIF etc.).

The following file types are processed by ScienceBase to enable supplementary features (online viewing, map rendering, GIS Service generation): 

  • Shapefile (.shp):  Item can be viewed in the Interactive Map. WMS, WFS, and KML services are created.
  • GeoTiff (.tif):  Item can be viewed in the Interactive Map. WMS, WCS, and KML services are created.
  • ArcGIS Map Package (.mpk):  Bounding box can be viewed in the Interactive Map. 
  • ArcGIS Service Definition (.sd):  Item can be viewed in the Interactive Map. ArcGIS Mapping Service, WMS, and KML services are created. 

ScienceBase has the capability to recognize and parse XML metadata files if they are in FGDC-endorsed CSDGM or ISO standard format. This means that information from these files can be used to populate ScienceBase fields. If a CSDGM or ISO XML file is uploaded, ScienceBase will recognize the format and automatically bring up a menu with the following three options:

  • Load Item from FGDC Metadata - Replacing Existing Values will overwrite what has already been written in the descriptive fields (warning: this could delete content).
  • Update Missing Item Data will only fill in fields that are blank. In fields that accept multiple entries, such as the contact and date fields, new content will be added to existing content.
  • Cancel will allow the upload to proceed without any automatic population of ScienceBase fields.

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