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John L Long

Computer Scientist

Fort Collins Science Center

Office Phone: 970-226-9184
Fax: 970-226-9230

2150 Centre Avenue, Building C
Fort Collins , CO 80526-8118

Supervisor: Tim Kern
ScienceCache is a scientific geocaching mobile application framework that targets two user groups for citizen science data collection: youth and geocachers. By melding training and games into the hunt for place-based data collection sites and incorporating photo uploads as data and authentication, new volunteers can collaborate in robust data collection. Scientists build a project on the administrative Web site app, specifying locations or goals for new data collection sites, clues for established sites, questions to answer, measurements, or other activities for the site based on their individual data needs. The project builds on the success of the USA National Phenology Network (NPN) and the ScienceBase project...
Our 2017 CDI funded project will extend the existing ScienceCache Mobile Application to become a more universal mobile data collection framework that meets minimum needs for systematic or opportunistic data collection to support internal research studies as well as citizen science projects. A primary goal of this project is to keep creation and deployment of new data collection surveys simple enough that research teams can independently manage surveys. We plan to continue development of a web interface to enable USGS users to create and deploy data collection surveys to mobile devices. In this poster presentation we will outline the planned improvements to the technology behind ScienceCache, identify planned user...
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