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Brian K Breaker

Heavy rainfall occurred across Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi in March 2016 as a result of a slow-moving southward dip in the jetstream, funneling tropical moisture into parts of the Gulf Coastal States and the Mississippi River Valley. The storm caused major flooding in the north and southeastern parts of Louisiana and in eastern Texas. Flooding also occurred in the Mississippi River Valley in Arkansas and Mississippi. Over 26 inches of rain were reported near Monroe, Louisiana over the duration of the storm event. In March 2016, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) personnel made over 490 streamflow measurements at over 375 locations in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Many of those streamflow...
This data release contains datasets developed for the purpose of training and applying random forest models to the Mississippi Embayment Regional Study Area. The random forest models are designed to predict total stream flow and baseflow as a function of a combination of watershed characteristics and monthly weather data. These datasets are associated with a report (SIR 2022-5079) and code contained in a USGS GitLab repository. The GitLab repository ( contains much more information about how these data may be used to supply predictions of stream flow and baseflow.
A total of 193 streamflow characteristics (SFCs) were calculated from daily streamflow values for data from 1,371 USGS streamgages located on tributaries and streams flowing to the Gulf of Mexico. Streamgages used to calculate SFCs required a minimum of 10 years of continuous daily streamflow data. Data presented will be used to: (1) identify regions which are statistically similar for estimating streamflow characteristics; (2) develop regional regression models to predict SFC values for current and reference basin conditions at ungaged sites; and (3) identify trends related to changing streamflow and streamflow alteration over time.
This geospatial dataset includes a one-point feature-class shapefile, one-polygon feature-class shapefile, and associated FGDC-compliant metadata to define 193 streamflow and 299 basin characteristics at 1,320 U.S. Geological Survey streamflow gaging stations. Sites included in the dataset either (1) drain to the Gulf of Mexico or (2) are adjacent to watersheds that flow to the Gulf of Mexico and are considered both physiographically similar and valuable for analysis. Drainage area to the sites varies from less than 1 to approximately 67,500 square miles. Data presented describe the streamflow regime (Rossman, 1990; Thompson and Archfield, 2014), climate (Daly and others, 2008), land use and land-use change (Sohl...
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