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James Lindstrom


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Office Phone: 307 772-2374
This layer represents Private Conservation Lands from the Protected Areas Database of the US (PADUS). Part of the GAP Analysis, PADUS is a geodatabase that illustrates and describes public land ownership, managment and consercationlands nationally. The lands included are assigned conservation measures that qualify thier intent to mangae lands for the presercation of biological diversity and to other natural, recreational, and cultural uses.
Green River Basin boundary. From the National Coal Resource Assessment. The assessment identifies and characterizes the coal beds and coal zones that will provide the bulk of the Nation's coal-derived energy during the next few decades.
BLM Special Mangement Areas (SMA) for Wyoming. SMA's are areas with varying special management designations for purposes of species/habitat protection, recreation, and other uses.
These connectivity areas correspond to the Version 3 core areas in Wyoming. They are closely linked to the core areas but are NOT core.
Transmission Lines / Powerlines for Wyoming. Primarily higher voltage, long distance transmission lines in Wyoming. Compiled by various sources and does not represent 100% of all Tranmission and Powerlines.
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