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Amy Trivitt-Kracke

These reports describe in detail the history of individual oil & gas wells, including daily drilling activity, information on cores, showss amd drill-stem tests, and completion and production information. Well history reports - multiple page reports detailing drilling, testing, and completion work on oil & gas wells. This information should be scanned into a digital format that contains searchable data fields/metadata.
This collection contains coalbed methane desorption data on 31 coalbed methane test wells drilled in new Mexico. There are 589 pages of information. We would like to prepare a digital catalog of this infomartion and link that catalog to scanned images of the reports in order to increase/maximize utility.
BHP-Utah Intl #388-A1 Dixon Pit, Coal, Navajo Coal, Boxes of Core: 5, LatSource: CalcCntrSec
Categories: Physical Item; Tags: Rock cores
Yates #1 Rattlesnake NZ St. Com, Petroleum, Pecos Slope, Abo LatSource: PRRC
Categories: Physical Item; Tags: Paper Reports
Yates #3 Smernoff NL St., Petroleum, LatSource: PRRC
Categories: Physical Item; Tags: Paper Reports
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