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E. Donald McKay

Hand Samples stored in main Annex building, mostly from Illinois and neighboring states. Includes minerals, geodes, outcrop samples, sed. structures, industrial minerals, ore, and various personal and donated collections. Approx. 475 drawers, shelves, and bins These samples are loosely organized and located in numerous places throughout the Annex complex. Some are still in original bulk collection bags, others in drawers, bins, or shelves. Most are not cataloged. Some outcrop samples are cataloged, however about 30 shelves of boxed and numbered outcrop samples have no known catalog.
Fossil samples stored in the main Annex building cabinets. Primarily invertebrates collected by survey staff, this collection is a good representation of fossils from geographic areas and stratigraphic units in Illinois. The majority of samples are not cataloged; however most are physically arranged chronostratigraphically. Approximately 150,000 samples total, primarily Cambrian (1500), Ordovician (15,000), Silurian (17,000), Devonian (10,000), Mississippian (15,000), Pennsylvanian (77,000), and Tertiary/Cretaceous (100). Approximately 10,000 specimens are arranged by taxonomic group including brachiopods (7500), cephalopods (1000), and trilobites (2000). Paleontological Specimens - Annex Main A student is currently...
Paleontological Sample stored in main Annex Paleo cabinets System: Silurian Unit: Racine Common Name: Scientific Name: Locality: Blue Island zone; W. of Blue Island Comments: Astraeospongia meniscus facies? Note: continued to drawer 3
Wireline Geophysical Log generated by ISGS staff Log Type: Electric Gamma Ray (esgr2)
Categories: Physical Item; Tags: Geophysical Data
Wireline Geophysical Log generated by ISGS staff Log Type: Natural Gamma Log (ng)
Categories: Physical Item; Tags: Geophysical Data
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