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Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center

Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center
Montana Water Science Center

3162 Bozeman Ave
Helena , MT 59601-6456
Parent Organization: Office of the Northwest - Pacific Islands Regional Director
Water used for hydraulic fracturing treatments in and near the Williston Basin during 2000-2015, was estimated using data reported in IHS Markit (TM) (2016). Hydraulic fracturing treatment data from IHS Markit (TM) (2016) may include volumes in a variety of measurement units, and they may include multiple treatments per well. All listed treatments within the study area were converted to gallons and summed on a per-well basis, discounting any treatments for which the specified measurement units were unclear (for example, “sacks”, or “feet”), which were minor. Of 3,734,380 treatments listed within the study area during the timeframe of interest, 0.7% (26,373 records) were not included. For each well, the date listed...
Water, bed sediment, and biota were sampled in selected streams from Butte to near Missoula, Montana, as part of a monitoring program in the upper Clark Fork Basin of western Montana. The sampling program was led by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
The USGS Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center (WY–MT WSC) completed a report (Sando and McCarthy, 2018) documenting methods for peak-flow frequency analysis following implementation of the Bulletin 17C guidelines. The methods are used to provide estimates of peak-flow quantiles for 50-, 42.9-, 20-, 10-, 4-, 2-, 1-, 0.5-, and 0.2-percent annual exceedance probabilities (AEPs) for selected streamgages operated by the WY–MT WSC. This data release presents peak-flow frequency analyses for 11 selected streamgages in Jefferson County, Montana, that were based on methods described by Sando and McCarthy (2018).
This file (wymt_ffa_2018D_WATSTORE.txt) contains peak flow data for peak-flow frequency analyses for selected streamgages in and near the Milk River Basin, Montana, based on data through water year 2018. The file is in a text format called WATSTORE (National Water Data Storage and Retrieval System) available from NWISWeb (
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