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Iowa Geological Survey


Government, industry and the public are dedicated in their efforts to enhance the state's economy through enlightened development and management of their precious geological and hydrological resources, while providing a clean and healthy environment for Iowa's citizens.


The Iowa Geological Survey plans and implements programs that result in the acquisition of comprehensive information on the mineral and water resources of the State, with emphasis on water supply developments and monitoring the effects of environmental impacts on water quality.

Cooperative agreements are developed with federal and other state agencies to maximize the benefits derived from resource assessments and to expand educational and technology transfer programs. Natural resources information is thoroughly analyzed, interpreted and made available to users through publications, consultant services, and the library of databases that comprise the Department's Natural Resources Geographic Information System.

Iowa Geological Survey, The University of Iowa
300 Trowbridge Hall
Iowa City , Iowa 52242-1585
Hand samples for IGWS sample site W31780 from mine.
Categories: Physical Item; Tags: Hand samples
Thin sections and polished sections for IGWS sample site W201 from drilled hole, completed: 05/01/1928, total depth: 1211 ft. Number of thin sections/grain mounts: 22.
Hand samples for IGWS sample site W29763 from outcrop, completed: 01/01/1985.
Categories: Physical Item; Tags: Hand samples
Hand samples for IGWS sample site W29615 from outcrop.
Categories: Physical Item; Tags: Hand samples
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