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Idaho Geological Survey

This collection contains previously privately-owned geochemical data and samples collected by retired geologists, and held by those geologists or their estates. These valuable data and samples have been donated to Idaho Geological Survey (IGS) in various degrees of analysis and readiness for publication. These collections often cover areas of Idaho underepresented by current publications. As part of the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program, these data are made available to the public during the edit and review process. After a dataset is published by Idaho Geological Survey it will be relocated from this collection accordingly. Two datasets are currently represented here: Fitzgerald and...
Idaho Geological Survey's (IGS) Mineral Property Files are documents related to mineral exploration and extraction activity in Idaho. The Mine Maps Collection is a subset of our Mineral Property Files Collection, and of unique interest for public safety, mineral exploration, environmental concerns, academic research, and other public and private activities. Many of these documents are unique, and some are fragile. Maps date from the late 19th century to the 21st century. The Survey is in the process of scanning these documents and making them available as ,pdf downloads through the Mines and Prospects web app. Mineral Property File documents are referenced to mineral extraction/exploration property locations. This...
This collection includes records from the Idaho Mine Inspector's office, unpublished site reports, some production data, mine maps, exploration data, donated company data, some Bureau of Mines mineral property files, donated consultant's reports. The Mines and Prospects Data Files contain reports, mostly one-of-a-kind and/or unpublished, with information about one or more of Idaho's over 8,800 mines and prospects. These reports are irreplaceable and need to be made available in digital form and on the web for researchers to access. The long-term plan for this collection calls for scanning the materials and placing them on the web where they are available for all users to access.
Information on the paleomagnetic cores taken by Idaho Geological Survey geologists to help determine the age and/or affinity of various rock units, especially those related to the Columbia River Basalt Group and younger rocks. Data on paleomagnetic samples collected by Idaho Geological Survey geologists. At some point, this data set should be converted to digital format. matched with its location data, and published on the IGS's website.
Oil well cuttings donated to the Idaho Geological Survey. Oil well cuttings. The information about this collection needs to be placed in a digital database, which can then be published to IGS's website.
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