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Delaware Geological Survey

Delaware Geological Survey

The Delaware Geological Survey's mission is, by statute, geologic and hydrologic research and exploration, and dissemination of information through publication and public service.

The goal of the Delaware Geological Survey is to provide objective scientific geologic and hydrologic information, advice, and service to our stakeholders. This goal is accomplished by conducting geologic, hydrologic, and geologic hazard investigations and services and by continuing development of our infrastructure through basic data collection and computer-based data management and dissemination programs. The scientific information is used to advise, inform, and educate our stakeholders about the important roles that the earth sciences play in issues regarding water resources, public health, agriculture, economic development, land-use planning, environmental protection, geologic hazards, energy and mineral resources, and recreation.

257 Academy St.
Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
Newark , DE 19716-7501
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