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Nebraska Geological Survey (Conservation and Survey Division)

Nebraska Geological Survey

Basic research on the state's geologic framework and history is the work of the Division's geologists. These duties include geologic mapping, studies or rock layers and structure, ancient environments and ancient life, as well as analysis of test drilling, geophysical data and minerals to help evaluate land and water resources. These studies determine factors influencing ancient and present environments and provide the basis for applied research such as natural-hazard mitigation, building-site evaluation and minerals exploration.

The Division also maintains an extensive core and sediment sample inventory available for study.

3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln , NE 68583-0961
Lithology logs from oil and gas wells and stratigraphic tests in various formats, particularly strip logs and lithologic logs of cuttings produced by stratigraphy consulting firms.
Poorly-labeled boxes of rock, sediment, and fossil specimens collected by individual workers at different times. Also, numerous samples of Cenozoic volcanic ashes that may be of unrealized future value as a reference collection. Hand specimens exist in our collections, but they are completely uncataloged and are improperly stored. This collection may be discarded as additional space restrictions are imposed.
Paper maps, including many original-draft or working copies.
This collection contains test-hole cores through surficial sediments and shallow bedrock drilled by the Nebraska Geological Survey (Conservation and Survey Division), the Nebraska Department of Roads, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and other organizations, including bedrock cores drilled by petroleum and mineral concerns. A portion of the cores in this collection originated from oil producing areas and areas with potential petroleum development within the Panhandle region of western Nebraska. These cores were drilled by oil companies between 1950-1969 and were later donated to the Nebraska Geological Survey (Conservation and Survey Division). With the assistance of the National Geological and Geophysical...
Drillina and completion reports from oil and gas wells in Nebraska.
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