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New York State Geological Survey

New York State Geological Survey


The New York State Geological and Natural History Survey was established by the New York State Legislature in 1836. Geological research has been conducted continuously since then and has remained an important component of the State Cabinet of Natural History, established in 1842 and later renamed the New York State Museum in 1870. The New York State Geological Survey (NYSGS) is a bureau of the State Museum in the State Education Department.


The mission of the NYSGS is to conduct geologic research, evaluate mineral resources and geologic hazards of the State of New York, and make the data and advice derived from that research available to State agencies, the educational community, and the public for the health, safety, and economic welfare of the citizens of the State. Responsibilities of the NYSGS include maintaining a comprehensive inventory of the geologic resources, conducting research into the characteristics of, and processes operating in, the earth’s crust, and making the resulting geologic knowledge readily available. The guiding principles require that the work of the NYSGS be synoptic and comprehensive throughout the State, be applicable to addressing the geologically related issues facing the citizens of the State, and be assembled in useable formats. Descriptions of various aspects of the State’s geology are presented in the Museum Bulletin, Memoir, Map & Chart, Miscellaneous Publications, and Circular series publications.

222 Madison Avenue
Albany , NY 12230
Geoscientific collections managed by New York Geological Survey are aggregated in the National Digital Catalog to enhance discovery and use of valuable samples and data for further scientific research. Contact information and material access instructions are provided for the individual collections.
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