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Janet H Curran


Alaska Science Center

Office Phone: 907-786-7128
Fax: 907-786-7150
ORCID: 0000-0002-3899-6275

Glenn Olds Hall
4210 University Drive
Anchorage , AK 99508-4626

Supervisor: Jeff Conaway
This dataset consists of drainage basin boundaries for selected transboundary basins draining to the Gulf of Alaska in south-east Alaska. Basins were delineated to the basin outlet using a tidal datum of mean high water (MHW). The drainage basins are provided as polygons attributed with basin drainage area and as polylines attributed with the data source for each line segment, respectively.
This data release consists of a comma-delimited ascii file with attributes for 21 U.S. Geological Survey streamgage sites in Hawai‘i and Southeast Alaska selected to enable assessment of how floods might change in a future climate. Floods in Hawai‘i and Southeast Alaska have led to loss of human life; damage to agricultural crops, cultural and biological resources, infrastructure, and property; threats to public health; and conditions that are highly disruptive to residents and visitors. Floods are generated by atmospheric and terrestrial processes that may be enhanced or depressed in response to climate change. Understanding the mechanisms that generate floods can be useful for assessing how floods may change in...
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