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Jordan I Walker

Web portals are one of the principal ways geospatial information can be communicated to the public. A few prominent USGS examples are the Geo Data Portal ( [URL is accessible with Google Chrome]), EarthExplorer (, the former Derived Downscaled Climate Projection Portal, the Alaska Portal Map (, the Coastal Change Hazards Portal (, and The National Map ( Currently, web portals are developed at relatively high effort and cost, with web developers working with highly skilled data specialists on custom solutions that meet user needs. To address this issue,...
The California Climate Commons (CCC) and USGS Geo Data Portal (GDP) teams have collaborated to curate and host California and Great Basin Characterization Model (BCM) results. The CCC has successfully set up a web-server and installed needed software to serve these model results using data and web service standards that are compatible with the GDP. All raw monthly data has been transferred to the GDP team for processing and metadata development for hosting on the GDP. The GDP and CCC teams have made significant progress in converting raw BCM model data to archive formats and are moving forward as planned. The project experienced delays in transferring funds to the Point Blue Conservation Science team responsible...
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Atlantic coast piping plover (Charadrius melodus) nest sites are typically found on low-lying beach and dune systems, which respond rapidly to coastal processes like sediment overwash, inlet formation, and island migration that are sensitive to climate-related changes in storminess and the rate of sea-level rise. Data were obtained to understand piping plover habitat distribution and use along their Atlantic Coast breeding range. A smartphone application called iPlover was developed to collect standardized data on habitat characteristics at piping plover nest locations. The application capitalized on a network of trained monitors that observe piping plovers throughout their U.S. Atlantic coast breeding range as...
This project sought to incorporate land-use land-cover time series data into the Geo Data Portal web service infrastructure. Till now, the Geo Data Portal has been used for relatively low spatial resolution downscaled climate data. Data from the EPA’s Integrated Climate and Land Use Scenarios was incorporated into a web service compatible with the Geo Data Portal and is now hosted in the Geo Data Portal catalog. Great progress was made in establishing connections between the Land-Processes Distributed Active Archive Center’s (LP-DAAC) holdings of MODIS satellite derived land cover data. At this time, the data is only available on development servers, but many issues were fixed and close partners are using the integration...
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