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Judson W Harvey


Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Office Phone: 703-648-5876
Fax: 703-648-5484
ORCID: 0000-0002-2654-9873

12201 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston , VA 20192-0002

Supervisor: Robert R Holmes
This dataset provides timeseries data on water quality and quantity, as collected or computed from outside sources. The format is many tables with one row per time series observation (1 tab-delimited file per site-variable combination, 1 zip file per site). This compilation of data is intended for use in estimating or interpreting metabolism. Sites were included if they met the initial criteria of having at least 100 dissolved oxygen observations and one of the accepted NWIS site types ('ST','ST-CA','ST-DCH','ST-TS', or 'SP'). This dataset is part of a larger data release of metabolism model inputs and outputs for 356 streams and rivers across the United States ( The complete release...
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Abstract Hydrologic exchange fluxes (HEFs) vary significantly along river corridors due to spatio-temporal changes in discharge and geomorphology. This variability results in the emergence of biogeochemical hot-spots and hot-moments that ultimately control solute and energy transport and ecosystem services from the local to the watershed scales. In this work, we use a reduced-order model to gain mechanistic understanding of river bank storage and sinuosity-driven hyporheic exchange induced by transient river discharge. This is the first time that a systematic analysis of both processes is presented and serves as an initial step to propose parsimonious, physics-based models for better predictions of water quality...
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Abstract The processes and biomass that characterize any ecosystem are fundamentally constrained by the total amount of energy that is either fixed within or delivered across its boundaries. Ultimately, ecosystems may be understood and classified by their rates of total and net productivity and by the seasonal patterns of photosynthesis and respiration. Such understanding is well developed for terrestrial and lentic ecosystems but our understanding of ecosystem phenology has lagged well behind for rivers. The proliferation of reliable and inexpensive sensors for monitoring dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide is underpinning a revolution in our understanding of the ecosystem energetics of rivers. Here, we synthesize...
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This dataset provides input data formatted for use in estimating metabolism. The format is tables of prepared time series inputs (1 tab-delimited file per site, in 1 zip file per site). This dataset is part of a larger data release of metabolism model inputs and outputs for 356 streams and rivers across the United States ( The complete release includes: modeled estimates of gross primary productivity, ecosystem respiration, and the gas exchange coefficient; model input data and alternative input data; model fit and diagnostic information; site catchment boundaries and site point locations; and potential predictors of metabolism such as discharge and light availability.
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Models that predict the flow of rivers and streams are critically important for planning flood control, hydropower, and reservoir operations, as well as for management of fish and wildlife populations. As temperatures and precipitation regimes change globally, the need to improve and develop these models for a wider spatial coverage and higher spatial fidelity becomes more imperative. Currently, one of the biggest impediments to developing robust streamflow knowledge is incomplete understanding of the range of timescales over which water is stored (e.g., in snowpack, soils, and groundwater) in watersheds, as well as the processes and factors that control those storage timescales. This working group will address...
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