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Joshua Logan

Physical Scientist

Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

Office Phone: 831-460-7519
Fax: 831-427-4748
ORCID: 0000-0002-6191-4119

2885 Mission Street
Santa Cruz , CA 95060

Supervisor: Jonathan Warrick
This USGS data release presents data collected during surveys of nearshore bathymetry and beach topography from northern Monterey Bay, California. Survey operations were conducted between October 20 and October 24, 2014 (USGS Field Activity Number 2014-676-FA). Nearshore bathymetry data were collected using two personal watercraft (PWCs), each equipped with single-beam echosounders and survey-grade global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers. Topography data were collected using an all-terrain vehicle equipped with a GNSS receiver and on foot with GNSS receivers mounted on backpacks. Positions of the survey platforms were referenced to a GNSS base station with known horizontal and vertical coordinates. Depths...
Tags: AGS
This data release presents beach topography and nearshore bathymetry data from repeated surveys in northern Monterey Bay, California to document changes in shoreline position and coastal morphology as they relate to episodic (storms), seasonal, and interannual and longer (e.g. El Niño) processes. The ongoing monitoring program was initiated in October 2014 with semi-annual surveys performed in late summer (September or October) and Spring (March). Nearshore bathymetry and topography data were collected along a series of shore-perpendicular transects spaced primarily at 50-250 m intervals between Santa Cruz and Moss Landing, California (fig. 1). The transects were located along sandy stretches of the coastline...
This portion of the data release presents a digital surface model (DSM) and hillshade of Whiskeytown Lake and the surrounding area derived from Structure from Motion (SfM) processing of aerial imagery acquired on 2018-12-02. Unlike a digital elevation model (DEM), the DSM represents the elevation of the highest object within the bounds of a cell. Vegetation, buildings and other objects have not been removed from the data. In addition, data artifacts resulting from noise and vegetation in the original imagery have not been removed. However, in unvegetated areas such as reservoir shorelines and deltas, the DSM is equivalent to a DEM because it represents the ground surface elevation. The raw imagery used to create...
This portion of the data release presents a high-resolution orthomosaic images of the intertidal zone at Post Point, Bellingham Bay, WA. The orthomosaics were derived from structure-from-motion (SfM) processing of aerial imagery collected with an unmanned aerial system (UAS) on 2019-06-06. The orthomosaics are presented with two resolutions: one image, covering the entire survey area, has a resolution of 2 centimeters per pixel; the other image which was derived from a lower-altitude flight, covers an inset area within the main survey area and has a resolution of 1 centimeter per pixel. The raw imagery used to create the orthomosaics was acquired using a UAS fitted with a Ricoh GR II digital camera featuring a global...
An unmanned aerial system (UAS) was used to acquire high-resolution imagery of the intertidal zone at Puget Creek and Dickman Mill Park in Tacoma, Washington on June 3, 2019. This imagery was processed using structure-from-motion (SfM) photogrammetric techniques to derive high-resolution digital surface models (DSM), orthomosaic imagery, and topographic point clouds. In order to maximize the extent of the subaerially exposed area, the survey was timed to coincide with a spring low tide occurring at approximately 18:36 Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) (11:36 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)), with an observed water level of -1.47 meters relative to the NAVD88 vertical datum at the Tacoma NOAA tide station (station ID...
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