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Benjamin N Fisher

Hydrologic Technician

New York Water Science Center

Office Phone: 518-285-5672
Fax: 518-285-5601

District Office - Troy
425 Jordan Road
Troy , NY 12180

Supervisor: Gary R Wall
From April through September of 2018, water-quality data were collected at 35 locations from select tributaries, embayments, and nearshore lake locations along New York's portion of Lake Ontario in support of the 2018 Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, and the Lakewide Action Management Plan. These data include environmental, replicate, and blank samples of nutrients, suspended solids, sodium, and chloride, as well as field measurements of physical parameters (temperature, specific conductance, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, phycocyanin relative fluorescence, chlorophyll relative fluorescence, photosynthetically active radiation, and phycocyanin:cholorphyll...
From April 2013 to August 2015, the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Town of Enfield and the Tompkins County Planning Department, collected horizontal-to-vertical seismic soundings at 69 locations in the Enfield Creek valley to help determine thickness of the unconsolidated deposits and depth to bedrock. The HVSR technique, commonly referred to as the passive-seismic method, is used to estimate the thickness of unconsolidated sediments and the depth to bedrock (Lane and others, 2008). The passive-seismic method uses a single, broad-band three-component (two horizontal and one vertical) seismometer to record ambient seismic noise. In areas that have a strong acoustic contrast between the bedrock and...
From 2013 to 2018, the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Town of Enfield and the Tompkins County Planning Department, collected and compiled well records (306 in total) within and outside the unconsolidated aquifers in the Town of Enfield, New York. Sources of well data included previous USGS groundwater studies, the USGS National Water Information System, and well records obtained from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Water Well Contractor Program.
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