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Invasive Species Program

Invasive Species
Parent Organization: Ecosystems
This is a collection of public data records intended for distribution in the USGS Science Data Catalog (
Categories: Collection; Types: Collection
The dataset contains 16 columns of data collected on invasive Brown Treesnakes (Boiga irregularis) at a study site known as the Habitat Management Unit (HMU) in northern Guam. Snakes were fitted with radio-transmitters and teams of 2-4 biologist listened for signals from transmitters every seven days to determine if snakes were alive or dead. Survival data was then modeled in Program MARK to assess the effect of aerially applied toxic baits on snake mortality, including the effect of snake size covariates. In addition, this dataset contains snake capture information from reference sites on Guam that was used to demonstrate that our sample was representative of the size distribution in limestone forest habitat on...
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