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Samuel W Saxe


Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Office Phone: 303-236-5026
ORCID: 0000-0003-1151-8908

DFC Bldg 53
Box 25046
Denver Federal Center
Denver , CO 80225-0046

Supervisor: William H Farmer
This is accompanying data produced for the study "Implications of Model Selection: Inter-Comparison of Publicly-Available, CONUS-Extent Hydrologic Component Estimates". These datasets were converted from their primary structures (rasters and shapefiles) to EPA Ecoregions Level I. Conversion was performed by averaging timestep layers via mean area weight to produce a single vector of monthly values for each ecoregion, for each of the following hydrologic cycle components: precipitation (P), actual evapotranspiration (AET), runoff (R), snow water equivalent (SWE), rootzone soil moisture in equivalent water depth (RZSME), and rootzone soil moisture in volumetric water content (RZSMV).
Spatial data used in the study "Characterization and Evaluation of Controls on Post-Fire Streamflow Response Across Western U.S. Watersheds".
Spatially-referenced data used in the study "Rust, A.J., Saxe, S., McCray, J., Rhoades, C.C., Hogue, T.S., 2019. Evaluating the factors responsible for post-fire water quality response in forests of the western USA. Int. J. Wildland Fire.": Wildfires commonly increase nutrient, carbon, sediment, and metal inputs to streams yet the factors responsible for the type, magnitude and duration of water quality effects are poorly understood. Prior work by the current authors found increased nitrogen, phosphorus and cation exports were common the first 5 post-fire years from a synthesis of 159 wildfires across the western United States. In the current study, an analysis is undertaken to determine factors that best explain...
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