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Daniel J Wieferich

Physical Scientist

Biogeographic Characterization

Office Phone: 303-202-4603
Fax: 303-202-4710
ORCID: 0000-0003-1554-7992

Supervisor: Sky Bristol
Map of the risk of current fish habitat degradation of Northern Gulf of Mexico estuaries.
This item provides the ScienceBase query that identifies components of the fish habitat assessments within the Southern Plains States. It also contains a link to a configuration file that pulls these pieces of information into a logical order. This information can be accessed through the ScienceBase API to display a summary of fish habitat assessment information for the Southern Plains States.
Southern Plains States Fish Habitat Partnerships’ 2010 - 2015 Actions to Make a Difference Partnerships - Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership, Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership, Great Plains Fish Habitat Partnership, Desert Fishes Habitat Partnership, and Western Native Trout Initiative Funded a project to stabilized 3,050 feet of shoreline on Olpe City Lake, Kansas. Assisted partners in installation of a fish barrier on Lovewell Reservoir, Kansas to prevent fish loss during irrigation releases. Evaluation is ongoing but preliminary results show a large increase in the forage base. Provided funding for 400 plastic fish attractors that were installed in six Texas reservoirs: Sam Rayburn, Toledo Bend,...
A subset of files from within processing region 4 of the NHDPlus Version 1. Although reorganized, the files within the attachments are unaltered from the NHDPlus Version 1 (see acquisition date listed within this metadata). This item links to python code used to generate the item.
Tags: NHDPlusV1, Reg4
Key elements of the 2015 national assessment of stream fish habitats follow the 2010 assessment, including: 1) the idea that distributions and numbers fishes reflect the quality of habitat in which they live; and 2) human landscape factors pose a risk to the condition of stream habitat, and indirectly, to fishes. The 2015 inland stream assessments for the contiguous United States, Alaska, and Hawaii all followed five broad steps (Figure 1) that are described in detail below for the inland stream assessment for Alaska. Note that analytical details for the Alaska assessment differed in southeast Alaska as compared to the remainder of the state (referred to as greater Alaska) due to differences in the resolution of...
Tags: 2015, Alaska, Method
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