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A.D. Zapp

A study of water quality degradation due to brine contamination was made in an area of about 1,700 sq mi in east-central Oklahoma. The study area coincides in part with the outcrop of the Vamoosa-Ada aquifer of Pennsylvanian age. Water samples collected from 180 wells completed in the Vamoosa-Ada aquifer and at 167 sites from streams draining the Vamoosa-Ada aquifer show scattered occurrences of water quality degradation by brine. Degradation of water quality by brine is indicated where: (1) chloride concentration is > or = to 400 mg/L; (2) bromide concentration is > or = 2 mg/L; (3) the ratio of sodium plus chloride to dissolved solids is > or = 0.64. Ratios of secondary importance that also indicate water quality...
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