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A.J. Lang Jr.

The Fourmile area, Custer County, S. Dak., is in pre-Cambrian metamorphic rocks that surround the granitic core of the Black Hills. The area is on the upright limb of an overturned anticline that plunges about 30° S. 10° E. Three new formations of metamorphic rocks are described that have a total thickness of at least 7, 700 feet. The oldest of these formations, the Ruby Creek quartz-mica schist, is more than 6,500 feet thick. The overlying Raver formation, about 200 feet thick, is composed of thin beds of amphibolite and hornblende schist, lime-silicate rock, cordierite-biotite schist, microcline-biotite schist, and other types of rock. The youngest formation, the Ruddock quartz-mica-feldspar schist, is more than...
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