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Alixandra J. Godar

These datasets were compiled during the development and application of an adaptive management framework for the conservation and recovery of Eastern Black Rails in the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture Region. The study is conducted in cooperation with the Eastern Black Rail Working Group of the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture. U.S. Geological Survey and the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture are working with partners to test alternative methods of manipulating coastal marsh and other wetland habitats to make them suitable for Black Rails with the long-term goal of stabilizing or reversing population declines. The objectives of this project are to develop an adaptive management framework that allows wetland managers to reduce...
The range of Lesser Prairie-Chickens (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) spans 4 unique ecoregions along 2 distinct environmental gradients. The Sand Shinnery Oak Prairie ecoregion of the Southern High Plains of New Mexico and Texas is environmentally isolated, warmer, and more arid than the Short-Grass, Sand Sagebrush, and Mixed-Grass Prairie ecoregions in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and the northeast panhandle of Texas. Weather is known to influence Lesser Prairie-Chicken nest survival in the Sand Shinnery Oak Prairie ecoregion; regional variation may also influence nest microclimate and, ultimately, survival during incubation. To address this question, we placed data loggers adjacent to nests during incubation to quantify...
Categories: Publication; Types: Citation; Tags: The Condor
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