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Charles Ronald Willden

The Jackson Mountains, a prominent range near the center of Humboldt County, Nevada, are of interest because the Cretaceous rocks in the range record the effects of a late Cretaceous to early Tertiary orogeny. Such an orogeny has been assumed to have effected all of the Great Basin, but the rock record is sufficiently complete to provide positive dating in only a few areas such as the Jackson Mountains.The oldest rocks in the range are the Permian and older(?) volcanic rocks of the Happy Creek volcanic series which make up most of the northern half of the range. In a few places the Happy Creek volcanic series grades upward into undivided Permian and Triassic rocks, which consist of interbedded elastic sedimentary...
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The Osgood Mountains quadrangle is in north-central Nevada northeast of Winnemucca, the principal town in the region. The quadrangle includes two north-northeast-trending mountain ranges, the Osgood Mountains on the east and the Hot Springs Range on the west, which are separated by a narrow valley and are bounded on the east and west by broad alluviated basins. Large deposits of tungsten and gold have been mined in the northeastern part of the Osgood Mountains; small deposits of quicksilver, lead, zinc, and gold are known in the Hot Springs Range, and some prospecting has been done on barite deposits in the Osgood Mountains. Some quartzite beds are potential sources of silica.
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