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Environmental Health

This dataset contains field measurements of lakebed groundwater temperatures collected during three surveys in July 2008, August 2014, and August 2015, by using a handheld thermocouple probe and GPS at a permeable reactive barrier at Ashumet Pond, Falmouth, MA. The comma-separated file includes unique site identifiers, locations of measurement points, temperatures, dates, and types of measurement (groundwater, surface water, or control). Also included are ESRI raster datasets for each measurement date for (1) interpolated lakebed groundwater temperatures, and (2) interpolated lakebed groundwater temperatures normalized to the surface water temperature at the time of measurement. This data release is provided...
Reproductive Data for All Nests Monitored; Data for Mayfield Analysis; Eggshell thickness, nestling morphological measurements, nestling plasma stable isotopes, and nestling red blood cell oxidative DNA damage; Egg organochlorine pesticide, total PCB, flame retardants, and PCB toxic equivalent concentrations; Fish capture by osprey; Fish pools and size for contaminant analysis; Fish organochlorine pesticide, total PCB and flame retardants concentrations; Data for estimation of p,p’-DDE and total PCB biomagnification from fish to osprey eggs
Coastal communities are uniquely vulnerable to sea-level rise (SLR) and severe storms such as hurricanes. These events enhance the dispersion and concentration of natural and anthropogenic chemicals and pathogenic microorganisms that could adversely affect the health and resilience of coastal communities and ecosystems in coming years. The U.S. Geo­logical Survey has developed the Sediment-Bound Contaminant Resiliency and Response (SCoRR) strategy to define baseline and post-event sediment-bound environmental health (EH) stressors. These data document toxicity measured by reduction of the light emission of Aliivibrio (formerly Photobacterium) fischeri and the inhibition of polymerase chain reactions caused by environmental...
These data are comprised of measurements of gross alpha activity, gross beta activity, and radionuclide activities (isotopic U, isotopic Th, Ra-226) in small rodent bodies. Samples were collected at non-mining and U breccia pipe mining sites in various production stages, in the Grand Canyon watershed.
Data from study assessing the utility of knowledgebase-leveraging of comprehensive environmental-contaminant-exposure datasets by comparing biological effects predicted on the basis of target chemical analyses with measured biological effects in corresponding split water samples.
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