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Erin Sexton

This dataset represents the railways within a 5km buffer of the Crown of the Continent Ecosytem. This dataset contains all freely available spatial information on railways within the Crown of the Continent. Due to the free nature of the data, it is of mixed quality and should not necessarily be considered an exhaustive representaion.
Delineates outbreaks of the two focal species referred to as Mountain Pine Bettle Covers the CCE and 50km into the surrounding area from 2000 to 2015. This layer is a compilation from multiple sources, Bruce spanworm polygons were removed from Alberta data. This dataset was developed by the Crown Managers Partnership, as part of a transboundary collaborative management initiative for the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, based on commonly identified management priorities that are relevant at the landscape scale. The CMP is collaborative group of land managers, scientists, and stakeholder in the CCE. For more information on the CMP and its collaborators, programs, and projects please visit:
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