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Gary L. Raines

As a result of remote sensing studies in the Mojave Desert of California three previously unknown stockwork molybdenum systems have been discovered. It is not known if economic deposits of molybdenum and associated minerals occur in these areas; there is, however, sufficient data to judge that these areas are worthy of further exploration. The purpose of this paper is to present case histories of two of these discoveries. These discoveries have been made from laboratory analyses of Landsat multispectral scanner images to map limonitic materials and from field reconnaissance to determine if the limonite is due to hydrothermal alteration. In those areas that seemed most promising, airborne spectrometer surveys were...
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This dataset contains the combination of geology data(geologic units, faults, folds, and dikes) from 61;100,000 scale digital coverages in eastern Washington(Chewelah, Colville, Omak, Oroville, Nespelem, Republic).The data was converted to an Arc grid in ArcView usingthe Spatial Analyst extension.
This report provides background information on the regionalgeochemical data provided by the US Geological Survey to the USForest Service and Bureau of Land Management Interior ColumbiaBasin Ecosystem Management Project (ICBEMP). This report is one ina series of digital maps, data files, and reports generated by theUS Geological Survey to provide geologic process and mineralresource information to the Interior Columbia Basin EcosytemManagement Project. The various digital maps and data files arebeing used in a GIS-based ecosystem assessment including ananalysis of diverse questions relating to past, present, and futureconditions within the general area of the Columbia River Basin eastof the Cascade Mountains.
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