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J.G. Ferris

The development of water supplies from wells was placed on a rational basis with Darcy's development of the law governing the movement of fluids through sands and with Dupuit's application of that law to the problem of radial flow toward a pumped well. As field experience increased, confidence in the applicability of quantitative methods was gained and interest in developing solutions for more complex hydrologic problems was stimulated. An important milestone was Theis' development in 1935 of a solution for the nonsteady flow of ground water, which enabled hydrologists for the first time to predict future changes in ground-water levels resulting from pumping or recharging of wells. In the quarter century since,...
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This is a summary of statements made by G.E. Eddy, State Geologist of Michigan, and J.G. Ferris, district engineer, Ground Water Branch, U.S. Geological Survey, Lansing, Mich., in a conference during the fall of 1949 with John Spoden, Chief of the Maintenance and Fold Control Division of the district office of the Corps of Engineers, Milwaukee, Wis. The conference related to the probably effect on ground-water conditions at Battle Creek of flood-control measures proposed by the Corps of Engineers.
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