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Jackson, William Henry

Album caption and index card: Extinct Soda Spring Basin. About 3 miles up the valley of a small tributary of the Bear River we come to a most remarkable formation, consisting of the basins of old springs long extinct. They are called the "petrifying springs" by the settlers, from the abundance of calcareous tufa which exists in the basins. Some of them are 6 feet in depth, and contain large masses of plants coated with a calcareous material, which retains perfectly the form of the leaf and stem. Caribou County, Idaho. 1871. Notes on album caption: None. Descriptive Catalog of the Photographs of the United States Geological Survey of the Territories, W. H. Jackson, Photographer, Second Edition, Illustrated, 1871...
The Castle Rock in Boulder Canyon. The canyon is about 17 miles in length, cutting deep down through the metamorphic rocks of the foothills, so that in some places the sides of the canyon rise up nearly 3,000 feet above its bed. Boulder County, Colorado. 1873.
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