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Jay Pitocchelli

We studied molt and size variation in Whiskered Auklets collected at sea in August from the Aleutian Islands in 1992 and 1993. We evaluated size differences from external and skeletal measurements. Adults were molting extensively in August, indicating that molt began in July. Primaries 1-5 had been completely replaced, while primaries 6-8 were in various stages of replacement, and primaries 9 and 10 were old in most birds. We also found that juveniles were not molting. This pattern is similar to other species of small auklets where breeding and molt in adults overlap, but juveniles do not molt until the following summer. This suggests that Whiskered Auklets are subjected to similar ecological constraints as other...
1. The stable isotopes of nitrogen (δ15N) and carbon (δ13C) were analysed in 22 species of marine birds from coastal waters of the northeast Pacific Ocean. Analyses confirm that stable nitrogen isotopes can predict seabird trophic positions.2. Based on δ15N analyses, seabird trophic-level inferences generally agree with those of conventional dietary studies, but suggest that lower trophic-level organisms are more important to several seabirds than was recognized previously.3. Stable-carbon isotope analysis may be a good indicator of inshore vs. offshore feeding preference.4. In general, stable-isotope analysis to determine trophic level offers many advantages over conventional dietary approaches since trophic inferences...
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We studied morphological and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) divergence among three populations of Brachyramphus Murrelets: Kittlitz's Murrelets (B. brevirostris), and tree-nesting and ground-nesting Marbled Murrelets (B. marmoratus). We found little morphological divergence in external and skeletal measurements among Marbled Murrelets, but both populations were easily distinguished from Kittlitz's Murrelets. Principal components analysis (PCA) of external measurements showed that Kittlitz's Murrelets occupied a distinct cloud in multivariate space separate from Marbled Murrelets. However, tree-nesting and ground-nesting Marbled Murrelets were indistinguishable. We obtained the same pattern from PCA of skeletal dimensions....
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