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Jean Self-Trail

Biostratigraphic and morphometric analyses of calcareous nannofossil assemblages from one outcrop and two cored sections of lower Eocene sediments reveal the presence of two new species: Tribrachiatus lunatus sp. nov., and Tribrachiatus absidatus sp. nov. Differences between the new species and Tribrachiatus orthostylus are discussed. The first occurrence of the two new species is just below the calcareous nannofossil Zone NP11/NP12 boundary, close to the Chron 24r/23n boundary, and thus they are globally useful biostratigraphic markers.
This paper formally defines the Sunny Point Formation, a new Upper Cretaceous subsurface unit confined to the outer Atlantic Coastal Plain of North and South Carolina. Its type section is established in corehole NH-C-1-2001 (Kure Beach) from New Hanover County, North Carolina. The Sunny Point Formation consists of light-olive-gray to greenish-gray, fine to coarse micaceous sands and light-olive-brown and grayish-red silty, sandy clays. The clay-rich sections typically include ironstone, lignitized wood, root traces, hematite concretions, goethite, limonite, and sphaerosiderites. The Sunny Point Formation is also documented in cores from Bladen County, North Carolina, and from Dorchester and Horry Counties, South...
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Heavily tuberculated glyptosaur osteoderms were collected in an active limestone quarry in northern Berkeley County, South Carolina. The osteoderms are part of a highly diverse late Paleocene vertebrate assemblage that consists of marine, terrestrial, fluvial, and/or brackish water taxa, including chondrichthyan and osteichthyan fish, turtles (chelonioid, trionychid, pelomedusid, emydid), crocodilians, palaeopheid snakes, and a mammal. Calcareous nannofossils indicate that the fossiliferous deposit accumulated within subzone NP9a of the Thanetian Stage (late Paleocene, upper part of Clarkforkian North American Land Mammal Age [NALMA]) and is therefore temporally equivalent to the Chicora Member of the Williamsburg...
Categories: Publication; Types: Citation; Tags: Journal of Paleontology
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