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Karen Flagg

The sea-cliff bedstraw (Galium buxifolium) data set contains two types of information, formatted as CSVs: 1) Spatial coordinates (WGS 84) of known population occurrences on Santa Cruz and San Miguel Islands, California, as of 2006 (sensitive locality information); 2) Demographic data measured at four populations growing on Santa Cruz Island. Three of the populations were measured in 2005 and 2006, the fourth was measured in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2014. These data support the following publication: McEachern, K., Chess, K.A., Flagg, K., and Niessen, K.G., 2019, Sea-cliff bedstraw (Galium buxifolium) patterns and trends, 2005–14, on Santa Cruz and San Miguel Islands, Channel Islands National Park, California:...
Galium buxifolium E. Greene [Rubiaceae] (sea-cliff bedstraw) is a small shrub restricted to San Miguel and Santa Cruz Islands, in the California Channel Islands. Almost all of the 26 known populations grow on vertical north-facing sea cliffs in native scrub, sandwiched between the sea below and non-native annual grasslands on the terraces above. A notable exception is a popula?tion at Pelican Bay on Santa Cruz Island, growing on the cliff and on thin terrace soils above the cliff in a stand of coastal bluff scrub that is recovering from more than a century of sheep grazing (Figure 1). Ironically, this stand is near the location of the historic Eaton Resort, a charismatic inn frequented by Hollywood glitterati in...
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