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Katherine M. Vittum

The removal of dams has recently increased over historical levels due to aging infrastructure, changing societal needs, and modern safety standards rendering some dams obsolete. Where possibilities for river restoration, or improved safety, exceed the benefits of retaining a dam, removal is more often being considered as a viable option. Yet, as this is a relatively new development in the history of river management, science is just beginning to guide our understanding of the physical and ecological implications of dam removal. Ultimately, the “lessons learned” from previous scientific studies on the outcomes dam removal could inform future scientific understanding of ecosystem outcomes, as well as aid in decision-making...
Categories: Publication; Types: Citation; Tags: Open-File Report
***This data product has been SUPERSEDED by Duda, J.J., Johnson, R.C., Wieferich, D.J., and Bellmore, J.R., 2018, USGS Dam Removal Science Database v2.0: U.S. Geological Survey,***
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