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L.C. Halpenny

A field excursion following the route described herein was conducted as a part of the curriculum of the 6th Ground Water Short Course, which was held by the Geological Survey at the University of Arizona in April 1954. The route log and descriptive text were designed to provide a general background of the ground-water situation in the Upper Santa Cruz Basin, a few of the geologic features that affect the occurrence of ground water, and some of the historical highlights of the region.
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Lower Safford Valley, Graham County, Ariz., is an alluvial lowland plain 1 to 3 measurements, and the rate of ground-water inflow to the bottom-land area was determined on the basis of the hydraulic gradient, of the water table at. the time of each set of seepage measurements, the transmissibility of the aquifer, and the length of the reach. Although the methods differed greatly, the figure for use of ground water computed by each method was within 20 percent of the mean determined by averaging the results of all six methods. As a part of the investigation, the quality of the waters of lower Safford Valley was studied in detail. The quality-of-water studies included more than 5,000 analyses of surface and ground...
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