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L.E. Schemel

Physical and chemical data for the Sacramento River at Rio Vista , California, for the period of November 1983 through November 1984 are presented in this report. Measurements include specific conductance, alkalinity, suspended particulate matter, and the dissolved inorganic nutrients: nitrite, nitrate + nitrite, ammonium, dissolved silica, and ortho-phosphate. Numerical results are tabulated and details of the methods are described. (USGS)
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The Yolo Bypass, a large, managed floodplain that discharges to the headwaters of the San Francisco Estuary, was studied before, during, and after a single, month-long inundation by the Sacramento River in winter and spring 2000. The primary objective was to identify hydrologic conditions and other factors that enhance production of phytoplankton biomass in the floodplain waters. Recent reductions in phytoplankton have limited secondary production in the river and estuary, and increased phytoplankton biomass is a restoration objective for this system. Chlorophyll a was used as a measure of phytoplankton biomass in this study. Chlorophyll a concentrations were low (<4 μg l−1) during inundation by the river when flow...
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