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Lynn W. Lefebvre

The endangered Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris) is a survivor. It is one of only three living species of manatees which, along with their closest living relative, the dugong (Dugong dugon), make up the Order Sirenia. This taxonomic distinctiveness reflects their evolutionary and genetic uniqueness. Sirenians are the only herbivorous marine mammals; manatees feed on seagrasses; freshwater plants, including nuisance species such as hydrilla and water hyacinth; and even some shoreline vegetation. Because manatees depend on marine, estuarine, and freshwater ecosystems, our efforts to protect them necessitate protection of aquatic resources.
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The endangered manatee Trichechus manatus is one of few large grazers in seagrass systems. To assess the long-term impacts of repeated grazing on seagrasses, we selected a study site within Kennedy Space Center in the northern Banana River, Brevard County, Florida, that was typically grazed by large numbers of manatees in spring. Two 13x13 m manatee exclosures and 2 paired open plots of equal size were established at the study site in October 1990. Shoot counts, biomass, and species composition of the co-dominant seagrass species, Syringodium filiforme and Halodule wrightii, were sampled 3 times per year in all 4 plots between October 1990 and October 1994. We used a Bayesian modelling approach, accounting for the...
Roof rats (Rattus rattus) cause substantial damage to sugarcane in South Florida (Samol 1972; Lefebvre et al. 1978, 1985). Accurate estimates of roof rat populations in sugarcane fields would be useful for determining when to to treat a field to control roof rats and for assessing the efficacy of control. However, previous studies have indicated that roof rats exhibit trap shyness, which makes capture-recapture population estimates difficult (Lefebvre et al. 1978, 1985; Holler et al., 1981). Until trapping methods are sufficiently improved to allow accurate population estimates, indices of population size that relate to damage need to be developed. The objectives of our study were to examine the relationship of...
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