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Landscape redistribution of soil C is common within agricultural ecosystems. Little is known about the effects of upland sediment deposition on C dynamics within riparian wetlands. To assess sedimentation impact, we obtained profile samples of wetland soil and used the combination of (137)Cs, (210)Pb, and (14)C chronological markers to determine rates of C sequestration and mineral deposition over the history of a wetland within a first-order catchment under agricultural management in the coastal plains of the United States. Substantial post settlement deposition in the wetland soil was evidenced in places by a 20- to 40-cm layer of mineral soil that buried the original histosol. Soil profiles contained a minimum...
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Fisher, T. R., T. E. Jordan, K. W. Staver, A. B. Gustafson, A. I. Koskelo, R. J. Fox, A. J. Sutton, T. Kana, K. A. Beckert, J. P. Stone, G. McCarty, and M. Lang. (2010) The Choptank Basin in Transition: Intensifying Agriculture, Slow Urbanization, and Estuarine Eutrophication, pps. 135-165, IN: M. J. Kennish and H. W. Paerl (eds), Coastal Lagoons: Systems of Natural and Anthropogenic Change, CRC Press.
Categories: Publication; Types: Citation
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