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R.A. Bailey

On May 25, 1980, the resort town of Mammoth Lakes, California, was shaken by a remarkable 48-hour-long earthquake sequence that included four M=6, two M=5 and 300 M=3 quakes. The nature of the precursory seismicity plus the unusual character of the May 25-27 sequence itself suggested that it was not typical of tectonic earthquakes in the region. Discovery of 25 cm of domical uplift centred on the resurgent dome within Long Valley caldera strongly implied that this activity was accompanied, if not caused, by influex of magma into the Long Valley magma chamber. -Authors
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Evidence that the diamicton at Deadman Pass is not till includes the following: (1) distribution of the diamicton is limited to areas underlain by the distinctive clast-rich lower pyroclastic member of the quartz latite of San Joaquin Ridge, (2) clasts in the diamicton and in the lower pyroclastic member are identical, (3) clast lithologies in the diamicton reflect nearby sources, (4) glacial deposits are absent in well-exposed sections of the lower pyroclastic member, and (5) formation of diamicton from present-day weathering and mass wasting of outcrops of the lower pyroclastic member can be observed locally. -from Authors
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