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Robert Dolan

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A linear regression (studentized) residual analysis was used to identify potential shoreline position outliers and to investigate the effect of the outliers on shoreline rate-of-change values for transects along the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Results from this analysis showed that, over a 134 year period, storm-influenced data contribute statistically significant information to the long-term signal. Consequently, storm-influenced data points do not appear to be temporal outliers and thus, do not need to be excluded from a long-term analysis of shoreline changes. Furthermore, projections of the upper and lower confidence intervals (CIs) for the regression line to the year 2010 (24 year extrapolation) showed that...
Categories: Publication; Types: Citation; Tags: Journal of Coastal Research
Understanding the natural dynamics of barrier islands in the key to recognizing and estimation both the short-term and the long-term hazards of living on them. This report summarizes how the barrier islands were created, how they have changed, and why they will continue to change in spite of efforts to halt the natural processes. The Outer Banks of North Carolina are used as an example in this report, but the principles outlined are applicable to other barrier islands on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.
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