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This dataset includes two spreadsheets: The "Avian_abundance_oak_mistletoe_bird_data" spreadsheet contains data regarding Oregon White Oak tree (Quercus garryana) measurements such as height, diameter and crown volume along with microhabitat data including number of mistletoe infections, number of cavities, amount of dead wood, amount of loose/missing bark, amount of poison oak, amount of bole cracks, and presence of woodpecker sign, bark-beetle sign, and fungal fruiting bodies. The "Avian_abundance_oak_mistletoe_surveys_data" spreadsheet contains bird survey observations including data, time, temperature, precipitation, bird species observations, age/sex, and behavioral observations.
This database is the result of an extensive literature search aimed at identifying documents relevant to the emerging field of dam removal science. In total the database contains 179 citations that contain empirical monitoring information associated with 130 different dam removals across the United States and abroad. Data includes publications through 2014 and supplemented with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers National Inventory of Dams database, U.S. Geological Survey National Water Information System and aerial photos to estimate locations when coordinates were not provided. Publications were located using the Web of Science, Google Scholar, and Clearinghouse for Dam Removal Information.
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