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Stacy, John R.

Album caption and index card: A large magma chamber formed deep within the earth, and the molten rock began to force its way slowly toward the surface. As it pushed upward, it arched the overlying rocks into a broad dome. The arching produced a series of concentric fractures, or a ring fracture zone, around the crest of the dome. The fractures extended downward toward the top of the magma chamber. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. 1970. Published as Figure 23-A in U.S. Geological Survey. Bulletin 1347. 1971.
Album caption and index card: Seismic Geyser, during an explosive thermal eruption. Note the trees that have been killed by the heat and eruptive activity. According to George D. Marler of the U.S. National Park Service, this geyser developed from a crack caused by the Hebgen Lake Earthquake of August 17, 1959. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. 1970.
Album caption: West along dam. Montana earthquake area. Gallatin County, Montana. August 1959. (Aerial view). Index card unavailable.
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