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The data contained in this file is one of several datasets produced in support of the project entitled “Classification and Mapping of Cave and Karst Resources” for the region encompassing the Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC). The results of this project are divided into a series of geospatial information layers (shapefiles and raster data). The files provide a comprehensive overview of data availability on obligate cave-dwelling fauna and bat ranges useful for examining relationships between environmental factors and biological diversity and distribution within karst areas of the Appalachian LCC.
This raster depicts the percentage of lithological the hydraulic conductivity (in micrometers per second) of surface or near surface geology. We derived these rasters by calculating the average conductivity for each map unit in combined surficial-bedrock geologic maps. We used state geologic maps (Preliminary Integrated Geologic Map Databases for the United States, Open File Reports 2004-1355, 2005-1305, 2005-1323, 2005-1324, 2005-1325, 2005-1351, and 2006-1272), which depict surficial geology instead of bedrock when the surficial layers are sufficiently deep. For the state maps that do not incorporate surficial geology (i.e., midwestern states), we overlaid surficial geologic map units with thicknesses greater...
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