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W.S. Seegar

Four species of Falco occur in the northeastern United States. The gyrfalcon is a rare winter visitor. The peregrine falcon federally listed as endangered, is a migrant and through reestablishment is breeding and wintering locally throughout the northeast. The merlin is a migrant and uncommon winter bird. The American kestrel breeds, winters, and migrates in the northeast. A 22-year analysis of the American kestrel Breeding Bird Survey data showed populations to be stable in less developed areas and declining in more developed areas. By states, declines occurred in the more developed areas of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and data indicate a decrease in American kestrels from 1957 to...
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Peregrine Falcons (Falco peregrinus) captured in the spring at Padre Island, Texas, nest across the arctic and subarctic from Alaska to Greenland and winter throughout Latin America. Padre Island, located immediately north of the Mexican border, is the peregrines' first landfall in the U.S.A. after spending about 6 mo in Latin America. Blood plasma was collected from spring migrants at Padre Island between 1978 and 2004 to monitor trends in organochlorine (OC) pesticides and their metabolites. Geometric mean concentrations of p,p'-DDE (??g/g, ww) decreased throughout the study: 1978-1979 (0.879), 1980 (0.617), 1984 (0.551), 1994 (0.406) and 2004 (0.013). Most other OC pesticides, with detection limits used during...
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