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Wyoming State Water Plan

The USGS and SEO Streamflow Gage Locations dataset with locations where ungaged natural flow estimates were taken contains the latitude-longitude locations for selected gages within the Powder/Tongue River Basin Planning Area. This dataset contains the locations only for those USGS and SEO gages that were used in the Powder/Tongue River Basin Plan to model available flow. The locations where natural flow was estimated for purposes of modeling available flow are also included.
The Water Resources Data System is a clearinghouse of hydrological and climatological data for the State of Wyoming. The water quality database can be searched by latitude and longitude, township and range, state and county, or by station number or name. Data are available in CSV file format.
This dataset contains the 14 major reservoirs in the Powder/Tongue River Basin Planning Area. All surface water storage in structures containing more than 50 acre-feet of storage or more than 20 feet high (meeting the minimum standards for inclusion in the Dam Safety database) were initially selected. These selection criteria produced a set of 189 surface water storage facilities. The State Engineer's Office Water Division Two commissioners agreed that a further set of criteria should be introduced to provide a list from which the dams of particular significance to the basin could be developed. Commissioners agreed that in almost all cases, a limit of 1,000 acre-feet capacity and "serving multiple users" produced...
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